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University of Prince Edward Island
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency - Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique
Forum for International Trade Training - Forum pour la formation en commerce international


The FITTskills program is designed to accommodate representatives of the private and public sector as well as those interested in participating in a 12-month internship program. Private and public sector participants are able to take the FITTskills courses individually or as a comprehensive program while internship candidates are committed to taking all eight modules in a consecutive manner.

The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) was recently recognized by The North American Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE) for Excellence in International Trade Training. All FITTskills courses meet the international standards of international business and trade training as prescribed by the International Association of Trade Training Organizations (IATTO).
Internship Program
Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of the global economy, increasing your understanding of venture financing, and learning new ways of gathering key intelligence about foreign markets all while earning a salary?
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Private Sector
Designed specifically for business and entrepreneurs as well as individuals committed to exploring opportunities in the world marketplace, FITTskills is a comprehensive package of courses encompassing such areas as strategic management, marketing, logistics, finance, and law.
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The field of international trade can seem as large and complex as the world itself. FITTskills provides a time-and cost-efficient solution that provides members of the public sector practical, real-world knowledge necessary to serve their exporting and export-ready clients.
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