Sponsored by:

University of Prince Edward Island
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency - Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique
Forum for International Trade Training - Forum pour la formation en commerce international


Program Details
Designed specifically for businesses and entrepreneurs as well as individuals committed to exploring opportunities in the world marketplace, FITTskills is a comprehensive package of courses. The program strives to meet the needs of:
  • Individuals who are new to exporting or importing and serious about exploring global market opportunities;
  • Companies that are planning on expanding operations to global markets and want to start off in the right foot; and
  • Business professionals or managers who want to improve their expertise in international trade.
Admission Requirements
Be employed by a department or agency of the federal, provincial or municipal government with a mandate to develop international trade.
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Cancellation Policy
A written request to discontinue must be received by the UPEI FITTskills coordinator two weeks prior to the start date of the course. Should the student fail to meet this deadline a fee of 15% of course cost ($97.50) will be charged provided that the course materials are returned to UPEI in their original condition. If the course materials are not returned, an additional fee is applicable.