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University of Prince Edward Island
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency - Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique
Forum for International Trade Training - Forum pour la formation en commerce international

International Trade Logistics

Starting:  2005/11/21 - 2005/11/22
Instructor:  Barrie Reid - Faculty of International Business, Nova Scotia Community College

Logistics involve the steps taken to get your products to market. International Trade Logistics will teach you the crucial interplay of the export team, documents, preparation and transportation in getting the goods from the seller to the buyer. You will cover:

  1. The Role of Logistics Management
  2. Logistics, Strategies and Planning
  3. Supplier Relationships and Importing
  4. Incoterms, Strategies and Regulations
  5. Transportation Management
  6. Freight Forwarders and Cargo Insurance
  7. Advanced Logistics Processes
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Export Procedures and Order Processing
  10. Trade Documentation
  11. Shipping and Delivery Procedures

This course helps the participant to formulate cost-effective strategies for the movement of goods and services across international borders taking into account regulatory and documentary requirements and the various roles of external services providers.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the regulatory requirements that may effect the movement of products or services across international boundaries.
  • Describe the basic documents required in the export/import processes and explain the significance of each document.
  • Explain the role that international trade logistics plays in securing competitive advantage for a company.
  • Describe the roles that outside service providers play in international trade and in a company's supply chain strategy.